The Herdsires of Pacific Crest

The trademark of Accoyo America has been its herdsires. Nothing can impart quality to a herd as quickly as a high quality, prepotent herdsire. We primarily stocked sires of Peruvian Accoyo and Alianza lines because they represent the best selective breeding programs in South America. We believe they have the highest degree of homozygous genes for those traits we are striving to develop, particularly large bone and body size, fleece density and character, and fineness.


Ask about Junior Herdsires from these Champion sires that are available to purchase.

Accoyo America Polaris | Accoyo America Ulysses
Accoyo America Kashmir | Hemingway-Accoyo Nautilus
Accoyo America Navigator | Accoyo America Jason
Accoyo America Denali | Accoyo America North Star AC020
Accoyo America Road Warrior | Accoyo America Shogun
Accoyo America Mahatma

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