Accoyo America
The Mark of Quality

The most important decision you will make upon entering the alpaca industry--one that will affect your success in the alpaca industry for years to come--is where you purchase your foundation stock of alpacas. This is important for three reasons--Quality, Support, and Selection.


At Accoyo America, we have the highest quality breeding stock available to maximize the return on your investment. The seed doesn't fall far from the tree! In any breeding stock industry, a relatively small percentage of the male offspring are retained for stud service. The alpaca breeder with top breeding stock is able to sell his/her male crias for the same (or higher) price than the female crias, thereby nearly doubling the investment return. When shopping for your first alpacas, it's important to look at the breeder's sale prices for their male offspring. This will give you a good idea of the marketability of their alpacas in general. At Pacific Crest, the sale price of our males during the past two years has averaged slightly above that of our female offspring. Many visitors to the ranch marvel at the uniform quality of Pacific Crest stock. Many existing breeders come to upgrade their own stock by purchasing males from us. Much of the reason for this uniformity is due to the fact that most of our breeding stock is from Estancia Accoyo in Macusani, Peru. The owner of Accoyo, Don Julio Barreda, practiced the most rigid selective breeding of alpacas in all of South America. This selective family line breeding has produced a herd famous for its uniform density and fineness. Our Accoyo-bred offspring reflect Senor Barreda's fine breeding program, and we're extremely proud of them.


Our customers' success is our own. Nothing gives us more pleasure in this business than seeing our customers succeed in their financial and lifestyle investment in alpacas. We strive to build a close relationship with our buyers for two reasons. First, we want to ensure that our alpacas end up in good homes. Second, we want to ensure that our customers' transition to their new lifestyle is as smooth as possible, and that they feel secure in their new lifestyle and investment decision. We are always available to answer questions regarding nutrition, veterinary care and breeding. We're prepared to assist with marketing, including sales advice and brokering services.


With nearly 200 alpacas on the farm in a full spectrum of colors, you are guaranteed to find one you love! With both huacayas and suris at Accoyo America, one-stop shopping is readily available. Accoyo America has the largest selection of full blood Accoyo offspring for sale in North America. We look forward to your visit!

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